Pencil Code User Meeting 2011

24-28 October 2011

Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse (France)


About the Pencil Code

The Pencil Code is a highly versatile and modular code for massively parallel computations. The project is unique in the astrophysical community in that the code is continuously developed by a number of independent researchers. The development is kept in alignment through the use of a version control system (SVN server at that allows the developers to work on different aspects of the code, while still working within a single branch.
The Pencil Code is primarily designed to deal with weakly compressible turbulent flows, which is why we use high-order spatial derivatives. Typical scientific targets include driven MHD turbulence in a periodic box, convection in a slab with non-periodic upper and lower boundaries, a convective star embedded in a fully non-periodic box, accretion disc turbulence in the shearing sheet approximation, planetesimal formation by self-gravity in turbulent flows, etc. The code is parallelised using the MPI library and has been successfully tested on up to 1,000 processors at 1024^3 grid points, with near linear scaling.

About the Pencil Code User Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to bring regular users and core developers together to discuss scientific and technical progress since the last meeting, to instigate collaborative projects and to allow new users to learn more about the code and to interact with other users and developers. It is organized since 2005, with the following locations: *) Note that Nordita moved to Stockholm in January 2007.

SOC composition

Axel Brandenburg, Boris Dintrans, Wolfgang Dobler & Anders Johansen.


This meeting is supported by the french national programs in Stellar Physics (named PNPS) and on Sun-Earth relations (named PNST), both programs belonging to CNRS-INSU, and also by the Paul Sabatier University. Click logos below for more details.


Please send an email: dintrans [at]

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